A Branch or User Group in the Swifin Exchange is a grouping of Users with a defined set of permissions. The Users belonging to the Group may belong to the same physical branch or dispersed across multiple physical branches and locations as may be needed to meet the specific functional units of the Business. This capability in the Swifin Exchange enables member institutions to expand their operations without the need for expensive physical branch presence.

The permissions for any group may include but not limited to registering members or customers of the institution, processing deposits, processing withdrawals, authorising transactions, monitoring transactions, producing reports, disbursing loans and more - these are customised to meet the operational and functional needs of the business.

Branch or Group Operators are users assigned to a particular Branch or User Group to perform the permitted functions for the group.

Organising members of functional business units or physical or virtual Branches enables member institutions to manage, execute and monitor business transactions in real-time across multiple branches organised in physical branches or dispersed across multiple regions as may be required to meet the needs of the business without the need for expensive physical presence and therefore provides the opportunity to develop an effective Agency Banking Service delivery network capable of taking the delivery of financial services to communities and to the individuals and businesses within these communities.
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