Swifin was founded on the vision to deliver access to digital financial services to all. and it offered on the basis of a Platform as a service to sovereign states, central banks, and other regulated financial institutions which may use the platform to drive financial inclusion for all.

The Lumi for example is offered on the Swifin platform solely for use on the integrated marketplace to buy and sell products and services online in a way that ensures equitable access for all to the online digital marketplace.

Therefore within the context of the Swifin Platform, any asset can be digitised in a way that makes it possible for it to be transferred from one member on the Swifin Exchange to another subject to any agreed conversion terms by the relevant parties.

For traded assets such as currencies, it is possible to change one currency to another using the exchange rate available at the time of the transaction. This process is what is referred to as conversion.

All conversions on the Swifin Exchange are done at spot rate available at the time of transaction, delivered in real time and the customer is always given the option to confirm acceptance of the conversion before the transaction can be completed and settled on the Swifin Exchange for the purpose of use on the marketplace for the purchase of goods and services from participating merchants.

When you convert one digital asset or utility tokens or credits into another you will always to subject to a conversion cost or buy/sell spread. The conversion process for AKL balances is from AKL to GBX where permitted and subsequently from GBX to other tokens or credits such as USX and EUX.

Because the prices of traded credits or utility tokens can go up as well as go down relative to others, you will always be subject to a fluctuation in value of any credits you hold compared to its value in another digital value. For example if you hold AKL 100 in your Account, you will always hold AKL 100 unless you make a transfer to a Merchant which reduces the amount or receive a transfer which increases the amount - there are no holding fees and you can keep the AKL 100 for as long as you wish. However, the conversion value of AKL 100 into GBX or USX or EUX will vary depending on market prices and conversion buy/sell spreads applicable at the time of transaction.

The Swifin Exchange allows anyone to hold credits in digital form and exchange those in real time with other participants or in exchange for goods and services sold on on market place. There are Partners on the Exchange who can trade with other members of the exchange to facilitate the delivery of the underlying goods and services where necessary and where available subject to independent terms of business between the parties. Some of these participants are regulated financial institutions and they play the role of a Market Maker for the relevant digital values. They may enter into conversion transactions with other members of the Swifin Exchange at rates determined and agreed wholly and solely between the Market Maker and the Swifin Platform members.
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