With the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) coming into force, there is an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to sell their products and services across continental Africa and the African Diaspora. Being able to make a payment with the amount specified in any local currency in which goods and services are priced becomes immediately important and critical to the operationalisation of the AfCFTA. Inclusion of all economic participants is also critical. With over 80% of people in some Countries unbanked, an accessible payments infrastructure is necessary and needed now.

Swifin and the Lumi provide an excellent solution.

You can make purchases and or pay for goods and services across a number of channels in Lumi (AKL). When you place an order for a product or service from the webshop that is priced in AKL the payment is taken from your AKL Account and transferred to the Merchant's AKL Account when the Merchant approves your order for delivery.

However it is also very important to be able to make a direct payment in AKL at anytime at your convenience and specifying the amount in any local currency. To make a payment in AKL online and specify the amount in any local currency, please follow the steps below.

Visit https://platform.swifin.com and login.
You will get to the dashboard screen which looks like the one shown below.

swifin online dashboard

Click on "Pay user". You can also do this by clicking on "Payment to user" under the "Banking" menu item as illustrated below.

Payment to user

Make sure you select the source account or "From account" as AKL Account and enter the Swifin ID or Mobile number of the recipient - IMPORTANT please make sure the receiver is correct as all payments on the Swifin Exchange are executed in real time. Enter the amount as illustrated below and set the local currency for example US Dollar. IMPORTANT - Please note that the underlying value is always transferred in Lumi (AKL). Specifying the local currency in this case is only to ensure that the the amount being paid can be specified in any more familiar currency around the world instead of the Lumi (AKL). Once all is set you should see a screen similar to the one below. Check the details and click "Next"

Enter amount and select currency

After you click "Next" you will see a screen like the one below. Check that the payment details are correct and click "Confirm" - IMPORTANT: The amount to be transferred (AKL Amount to pay) is always calculated in AKL and the entered amount (Total amount) is always the amount in the selected Local Currency.

Check payment details and confirm

Click on "Confirm" when ready to process payment. You will see a screen such as the one below once payment is successfully completed.

Payment performed

Click on "View payment" if you want to display the completed payment details and or print the receipt. You will see a screen similar to the one below. To print, click "Print".

Payment details
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