Most Swifin users can log in online or from the Mobile App and search and order products from the Swifin webshop.

When a Customer places an order, the merchant is notified to fulfil the order. This section of this guide shows how any Customer can find a product and place an order for the product.

To search and place an order from the Swifin webshop follow these steps.


Visit and log in or use your mobile app.

Click "Search products and services" from the dashboard or select this option from the Marketplace main menu as shown below.

Search products and services on webshop

Enter the keywords or description to search and/or simply click "List products and services".
You will get a list of products similar to that shown below.

Sample product list from webshop

Click on the product you want to purchase to get more details and click on "Add to cart" to buy.

You can continue shopping and add as many products to your shopping cart as you want.

When you are ready to pay for your order click on the shopping cart icon on the top right.

Check your order items and click on "Proceed to checkout". If the products you selected are from different Merchants you will see a different order list for each Merchant.

To submit your order, enter your address or select from the list and click "Proceed", and confirm by entering your password as may be required to submit your order to the Merchant.
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