Once you have added a delivery method to your Swifin webshop, you can add a product and associate the product with a delivery method.

Specifying a delivery method for a product helps the buyer to know how the product will be delivered and how much the delivery will costs.

To add a delivery method follow these steps.

Visit https://platform.swifin.com and log in.

Click "My products". You will find this in the "Webshop" section under the Marketplace main menu item as illustrated below.

Adding a product to your webshop

Click "New" to add a new product.

Enter the product details and the price - making sure you select the correct currency.

It is important to provide an accurate description of the product. This description is searchable so the more accurate it is the easier buyers will be able to search, find and buy the product - if that is what they need and the price is right.

Make sure you specify how the Swifin webshop will track inventory by entering the number in stock if applicable.

Make sure you select the delivery method for the product being listed. Please note that you will only be able to see delivery methods which are priced in the same currency as the product being listed - it is therefore important to specify the correct currency for all your delivery methods even if the cost of delivering the product is zero.

Once you have checked that all the details are correct - click "Save". In future, you can simply update the product quantity when you receive new deliveries.

It is very important to ensure that the correct description of your product or service is provided as this will enable your product to show up when customers search for products and services.

It is also very important that you specify the price of your product or service in the correct currency (such as AKL) so that you can have as wide a market as possible.

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