The Swifin Platform provides Merchants with the ability to list their products and manage their sales and inventory without the additional cost of managing an ecommerce website.

Before you can list products, it is important that you add at least one delivery method.

A delivery method is used to define how the Buyer will get the product when they place an order. This could range from the Buyer having to collect the product from a dedicated collection centre or the Merchant delivering the Product to the Customer's specified address by courier.

There are different costs such as postage, packaging, delivery which may affect the overall cost of the product. Specifying delivery methods and defining the relevant cost allows the Buyer to make an informed decision on the total cost of their purchase and also to have adequate information on delivery timelines.

To add a delivery method follow these steps.

Visit and log in.

Click "Delivery methods". You will find this in the "Webshop" section under the Marketplace main menu item as illustrated below.

Adding delivery method to your webshop

Click "New" to add a new delivery method.

Enter the name of the delivery method and the price - making sure you select the correct currency such as AKL.

Complete and check the rest of the details and click "Save"

It is very important that you add a delivery method first before you start adding products to your webshop. Products added without a delivery method will automatically be subject to negotiated pricing. Products with a negotiated price require that when the Customer places an order, the Merchant has to specify the final delivery price which the Customer will in turn need to approve before the Merchant can fulfill the order.
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