Getting merchants to accept AKL requires a collective effort and also presents opportunities for all.

Collective effort - in the sense that Businesses and entrepreneurs decide to accept AKL just like they decide to accept USD or EUR or any other currency. Many are already accepting AKL and also selling their products and services online on the Swifin Marketplace.

We are calling out to businesses and entrepreneurs to join the Swifin Platform and many who are already accepting AKL as this gives them instant access to a wider market to sell their products and services, not just in their own Countries but also across the entire continent of Africa with over 1.2 billion people and the African Diaspora. The Lumii is the first currency that is accessible to everyone including the over 80% of the unbanked population in Africa. With the Africa Free Trade area coming into force it provides a medium for all to participate in the real economy across the continent.

Opportunities for all - in the sense that anyone can now participate from the local farmer in a remote village to city dwellers - Swifin is for everyone. The overall vision for Swifin is to deliver access to digital financial services for all. Swifin provides a truly levelling opportunity for everyone to participate in the new digital economy. The range of opportunities are only limited by the creativity of entrepreneurs. For example organised communities now have access to digital financial technology infrastructure which they can use to provide community based financial services to drive financial inclusion to a level not seen before and to promote their products and services to a much wider market at no extra cost. This is unprecedented and has the potential to impact and transform many lives during our time.
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