The Swifin Platform is an open distributed core banking exchange. The platform provides unparalleled access to digital financial services for all - Individuals, business, aid agencies, financial institutions and government agencies and has excellent capability for digitising assets and digitising and automating business processes.

Access to the platform is available across multiple channels to provide reach to all including those in even the most remote areas. The channels are illustrated below.

Open access channels

The greatest functionality is available via the online portal. The online channel provides all the functionality available across all other channels and more. For example some services which are only available online include but not limited to;
Managing the agency network for an institution
Managing internal controls for accounts for corporate governance.
Creating webshop delivery methods and listing products in the webshop
Managing webshop inventory for Merchants
Approving orders for delivery by Merchants.
Authorising transactions which are subject to approval in line with internal controls.
And much more...

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